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3D JUMBO LAND will produce a 3D blank map with any terrain surfaces in the world.

3D blank map of rivers in Japan.

The famous rivers in japan will be said "Tone river", "Shinano river", "Mogami river", they all will be shown their figures by printing with our 3D Printer as 3D blank map for customer's sake.

It's a hand holding size because of created by paper as material, and it's easy to bring out for displaying to your mates outside. Comparing to 2D blank Map, 3D blank map can present more reality, instinctive visualization, and 3D structure only at a glance. But for blank map, it will make a chance to draw lines and object as you like, and to take any kinds of record you want to store on your hand-holding 3D blank map.
As you know, blank map itself is completely white color map so it's difficult to recognize the position of river even on the 3D blank map, so we prepare the river by coloring in blue as default.

Usage of Blank map - Rivers in Japan

Joganji River in Toyama Pref.
( one of the flashy stream)

3D blank map of Mogami River
( shadow effect on, and river in blue)

3D map of Mogami River
( Color gradation by elevation)

+ Such as color gradation map above, not only the 3D Blank map but any kind of coloring map will be available.

You can make an order these 3D blank map in 3D JUMBO LAND, see blow in detail.

How to order 3D blank map of rivers in Japan.

  1. Open 3D Jumbo Land Page at the list of rivers in Japan, and click the target river page you want.
  2. A order page of 3D map you looking for will be on screen, and choose "All white" in term of "coloring".
That's all you've to do, so easy to purchase a 3D blank map you want, right?
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Looking forward to your 3D map custome order
Produce a 3D terrain and seabed miniature anywhere in the world.
Any kind of coloring and finishing available like full-color, single-color, and all-white.
Our products have been taken a special coating which made them harden and water-regist, and also lightweight as the raw materials are paper.
You can order any 3D map size as you wish.
( 250mm x 150mm x 100mm is basic size, and if larger than that, we made each pieces separately and combine them properly.)
Dosens of helpful usage for 3D Map model

The 3D map will make us notice and understand a lots of things, so that it make you solve a lots of problem.

>Feel free to ask any question and inquiry. You can make an order by clicking Here !