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Looking forward to your 3D map custome order
Produce a 3D terrain and seabed miniature anywhere in the world.
Any kind of coloring and finishing available like full-color, single-color, and all-white.
Our products have been taken a special coating which made them harden and water-regist, and also lightweight as the raw materials are paper.
You can order any 3D map size as you wish.
( 250mm x 150mm x 100mm is basic size, and if larger than that, we made each pieces separately and combine them properly.)
Dosens of helpful usage for 3D Map model

The 3D map will make you notice and understand a lots of things, so that it make you solve a lots of problem.

  • For infrastructure planning and construction
  • For investigation of water resources, ground water and dam development
  • For presentation of real estate development and building
  • For risk assessment of global warming and the rise of sea level
  • For display, decoration, specimen and scale model
  • For grasping communication failure area
  • For developing power source of solar, geothermal, wind and water power
  • For grasping area of flood risk, landslide risk and tsunami risk
  • For planning of civil engineering work, city development and road plan
  • For tourist information and flight network information
  • For simulation of aircraft operation
  • For educational material of science, geography and disaster prevention
  • For study of wind flow and wind tunnel
  • For simulation or planning of military and defense
  • For planning of your travel or climbing
  • For course guide of climbing or skiing

Feel free to ask any question and inquiry. You can make an order by clicking Here !